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The I-Land


When ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are and how they got there, they set off on a trek to try to get back home, only to discover the world is not as it seems.

  • Brave New World

    • Season 1
    Ten people wake up on an enigmatic island missing their memories. Instead of answers, they find danger - in the water and in one another.
  • The Gorgeous Palaces

    • Season 1
    The group argues over next steps; K.C. has a traumatic encounter with Brody, who sets the others on edge with his increasingly volatile behavior.
  • The Insubstantial Pageant

    • Season 1
    Waking in strange surroundings, Chase learns the disturbing truth about the island, and what she and the others are doing there.
  • Many Goodly Creatures

    • Season 1
    Two rogues appear on the island and cause trouble; The group's memories begin to return, and each one proves brutal - including a heinous shooting.
  • The Cloud Capp'd Towers

    • Season 1
    While K.C. agonizes over the horrors of her own history, Chase and Cooper uncover a shared one; Taylor finds herself in a distasteful situation.
  • The Great Globe Itself

    • Season 1
    Donovan reverts to his old ways; K.C. and Moses bond; Chase and Cooper realize critical truths about the vision that haunts them both.
  • The Dark Backward

    • Season 1
    Close to freedom, Chase must first navigate prison politics, face a devious warden and endure rude awakenings.
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